EDGE Institute Assessments

EDGE Institute Assessments

What gets measured gets done.

Why start your improvement journey with an assessment?

Using our proven methodology ASSESS, IMPROVE, SUSTAIN we diagnose your current context, design, develop and execute an improvement plan and provide strategies for embedding the change and sustaining the improvement.

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Culture Assessment

Assess your Cultural Maturity

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People’s perceptions and attitudes toward the organisation, their team, leaders, the work, and their colleagues often exist below their conscious awareness.

This makes it difficult to accurately assess the health of your organisation’s culture. Individual experiences can also be very different to perception and reality.

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Leadership Team

How well does your team lead?

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Often, in our busy environments, we assess WHAT the team has achieved but not HOW the team is functioning. How can we move beyond merely functioning and become high performing?

• LMD Leadership Team Assessment
• Lead People, Manage Process, Drive Results

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Transformational Leadership

The LEADQ & why it works

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One of the greatest advantages as a leader is increased self-awareness.
While self-reflection is helpful, the feedback from those with whom you work, focusing on evidence -based transformational leadership behaviours, is critical in gaining further insight.

LEADQ = Leadership Efficacy and Development Quotient

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Emotional Intelligence

How is EI conected to driving performance?

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Leadership is fundamentally about facilitating performance. Research has proven that a leader’s emotional intelligence is key to their capacity to facilitate emotions in others that drive high performance and employee engagement.

This is more than just a moral compass; it’s a recipe for success.

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Hogan Assessment

Why do personalities play a crucial role?

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New and Beginning Teacher (NBT) Assessment – The Hogan Personality Assessment.

The Hogan Assessment was developed to evaluate all facets of personality: the bright side, the dark side, and the inside, as they relate to job performance.

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EDGE Insights

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