The role of leadership is constantly evolving. In an age of high pressure, constant change and higher expectations, leaders are pressed to achieve more with less, while maintaining a positive workplace culture, and engage, inspire and retain great people. Throw in the added complexity of navigating employee differences, promoting wellbeing, and times of uncertainty, and we can appreciate that modern leaders face an unprecedented challenge. What this means is that today’s leaders need to have much more than a strong technical or ‘knowledge’ background to be effective.


1. Become Self-Aware

Have your areas of strength and opportunity illuminated through the rigorous LEAD-Q 360-degree assessment.

2. Direct Application

Be supported to work on personalised leadership improvement goals through a combination of in-program activities and coaching.

3. Develop a Strategic Action Plan

Select tools and strategies to support your site-specific planning to implement change and improve culture.

Interactive Program Strategies + structures Templates + Tools


We need to challenge the way we are upskilling our leaders. We need to provide leaders with a new way of thinking which not only sets them up for success when faced with change, challenge or adversity, but allows them to embrace and drive an effective response to it. Modern leaders need the ability to:

  • move from transactional to transformational leadership
  • strategise competing priorities, multiple stakeholders and frenetic environments to predict, see and manage risk
  • develop awareness of self and how to influence others
  • move from a reactive culture to strategic planning and preparation for improvement
  • develop helpful mental models to support a change in thinking
  • implement change/improvement effectively and engage staff

Luckily, these skills can be learned.


Leading a High Performance Team, Leading with Emotional Intelligence, Crucial Conversations®, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People®, Building Trust and Psychological Safety programs.


30 October:

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17 November:

Face-to-face Workshop


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