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Selecting your coach is no easy task. You want to make sure their skills and experience align with what you want to achieve and that you can relate to their areas of specialty.

Check out our coaches and then peruse our selection of assessments to see which may be best fit for you.

Neil McDonald

  • Developing Self and Others
  • Leading Improvement, Innovation and Change
  • Developing Effective Communication Skills
  • Building Enduring Relationships with Trust and Psychological Safety
  • Driving Continuous Improvement

Lisa Newland

  • Cultural Transformation – Engaging Staff, Leveraging Priorities, Creating Alignment.
  • Building a High Performing, Dynamic Team
  • Transformational Leadership Strategies
  • Leading Teaching and Learning
  • Building Capability and Capacity

Peta Barker

  • Whole School Pedagogy – Implementing your Pedagogical Approach.
  • Staff Engagement – getting people on the bus
  • Building your Faculty Team
  • Strategic Whole-School Change and Implementation
  • STEM/ STEAM / Design Thinking

Patrea Walton

  • Executive Coaching
  • Whole School Improvement
  • Systems Thinking
  • Strategic Thinking and Planning Skills
  • Building Capability

Mark Campling

  • Executive Coaching
  • Strategic Leadership
  • Insightful decision-making
  • Leading Change in Complex Environments
  • Leading the Management of the Organisation

Tammy Schincariol

  • Enhancing Wellbeing and Resilience
  • Achieving Success Through Goals, Pathways and Agency.
  • Personality Psychology –
  • Building Motivation and Developing Self-Determination

Dr Liz Irwin

  • Building Quality Leading and Teaching Capabilities to Maximise Positive Student Outcomes
  • Empowering High Performing Instructionally focused Teams.
  • Powerful Professional Learning Practices for Teachers and Leaders
  • Impactful Professional Learning Communities
  • Whole School Improvement Processes

Krishneel Maharaj

  • Using High-Performance Principles in the Workplace
  • Empowering Individuals, Organisations and Communities to Better Performance
  • The Science of Wellbeing – Understanding How to Thrive not Just Survive
  • Continuous Growth – Personal Development, Confidence & Career
  • Healthy and Inclusive Workplaces

Eric Napier

  • Developing Highly effective Communication and Negotiation skills
  • Focused and decisive leadership, sound planning and the ability to respond to rapid change
  • Effective communication strategies to increase team engagement
  • Exploring social and emotional intelligence
  • Leadership of Self and Others


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