Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence


Leadership is fundamentally about facilitating performance. Research has proven that a leader’s emotional intelligence is key to their capacity to facilitate emotions in others that drive high performance and employee engagement. This is more than just a moral compass; it’s also a recipe for success. Organisations with emotionally intelligent leaders achieve a critical lever of sustainable competitive advantage: a high performance culture and customer loyalty.

Emotional Intelligence Assessment Packages

180 and 360 Leadership

Feedback Survey + 1 hour Virtual Debrief Session.

The GENOS 180° & 360° Emotionally Intelligent Leadership feedback reports will provide you with insight into how important emotionally intelligent leadership competencies are to the performance of your people. It will also provide you with insight into how well you demonstrate them.

180 and 360 EI Workplace

Behaviour Survey + 1 hour Virtual Debrief Session

The Genos 180° & 360° Emotionally Intelligent Workplace Behaviour survey measures how well you demonstrate emotionally intelligent workplace behaviours in comparison to others. The better you demonstrate the behaviours measured, the more effective your relationships and work should be.

Emotional Culture Index ECI

GENOS Emotional Culture Index (ECI) + 1 hour Virtual Debrief Session

The Emotional Culture Index (ECI) has been designed to measure the culture of your team or organisation and provide important feedback on the three dimensions of employee dynamics in your workplace.

NOTE:  EDGE Institute Middle and Deputy Principal Leadership Programs include a GENOS Leadership Survey.

“The Genos assessment made me realise so much about myself, it really increased my self-awareness and helped me navigate the workplace in a more mature and helpful way. It really influenced my communication style and interactions with my whole team.”

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