Mark Campling

Mark Campling

About Mark

Mark believes coaching is both a personal relationship and a process that aims to improve performance. Mark tailors programs to meet the needs of the individual or the teams that he is working with as their coach. It is Mark’s intent to unlock potential by understanding the context and the situation and equipping individuals and teams with the skills, knowledge and opportunities that will allow them to grow and learn. Mark challenges constructively, focuses on the client, is a good listener and presents different perspectives as he and his clients work through solutions and learnings. Confidentiality, flexibility, research informed, and trust are key elements that underpin Mark’s work.


  • Executive Coaching

  • Strategic Leadership
  • Insightful decision-making

  • Leading Change in Complex Environments

  • Leading the Management of the Organisation



  • Trained Mediator
  • Formally qualified in Growth Coaching
  • Completed a Harvard University program focusing on how to Make Effective Decisions to Maximise Performance Completed an ANZSOG fellowship which focused on effective, research based change management processes in government agencies.
  • Educational Experience

2014 – Current

Regional Director – Metropolitan Region QLD
Education Leadership Consultant

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