Aspiring Leaders Program – Online


Aspiring Leaders Program – Online



3 x 60 minute Teams webinars + Leadership Challenge

The Aspiring Leaders’ Online Program is designed for those emerging leaders who are considering taking their first step into a leadership role. It is intended to; develop self-awareness and understand the impact behaviours have on others, develop influencing skills, understand the power of an aligned vision and values and provide participants with highly effective professional communication skills.


People can find themselves in leadership positions before they have consciously considered what it means to lead. Common traps include getting ‘stuck’ in operational task-driven work rather than strategic work that has a greater impact. Other challenges can include:

  • Leadership versus Management
  • Leading disengaged teams
  • Unhelpful frames around your own efficacy
  • Leading with confidence
  • Understanding how to prioritise what’s important.


This online program provides helpful mental models and frameworks to enhance decision-making and inform behaviour when leading other people. Participants will increase their confidence to lead people and manage processes in order to drive results.

  • Cultivate your leadership brand / style
  • Learn how to have a necessary conversation to hold others accountable
  • Explore how to positively influence your team
  • Lead change and think strategically
  • Build agility and adaptability – the power of thinking on your feet.

Suggested Associated Programs and Asessments:

The GENOS Emotional Intelligence 180/360 Assessment would assist in increasing your self-awareness and understanding of your impact on others and the importance of well-considered communication.

Difficult + Essential Conversations and Building Trust + Psychological Safety programs would complement the learnings from this program and take a deeper dive into the specific skills leaders utilise to achieve greater results. Coaching with an expert coach from the Edge Institute Coaching Centre is also available.


1. Increase Self-Awareness

Understand yourself and your own reactions in the workplace. Know the triggers than can inadvertently threaten other people.

2. Improved Communication

Identify areas of opportunity to lead effectively in every interaction and use purposeful and professional communication with key stakeholders.

3. Build Confidence

Use evidence-based models to confidently apply your learning immediately in the workplace.

Interactive Program
Strategies + Structures Extensive Resources

Member: $550+GST

Non-Member: $575+GST

Per participant
(Group rates available)

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