Building a Dynamic Leadership Team

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Building a Dynamic Leadership Team



Want to take your leadership team to the next level? Edge’s Building a Dynamic Leadership Team program will align your team in focusing on how you collectively lead people, manage process and drive results.

High Performance is no accident.

The Edge program will create a common language and clear, high expectations for your team, encouraging robust conversations, challenging each other to operate beyond compliance and drive a culture of continual improvement.

The two-day program can be delivered across weekends if preferred for a leadership retreat.



We get straight to ‘action’ as a leadership team and overlook the fundamentals of what it means to work effectively together.

Assumptions about each other are made from limited data and sometimes we are unsure of each other’s strengths.

A team can feel fractured with everyone working in their own silo and not optimising the collaborative potential of the team.

We don’t measure the effectiveness of the team and how it functions.


People can understand and act upon their helpful and unhelpful frames that may hinder team unity and self-efficacy.

Our team understands the common language that allows us to challenge ideas and have robust discussions to drive the best results.

We know our individual and team strengths and have ‘aces in their places’.

Our team knows what is important and what we need to focus on to get the results we need.

Decision-making protocols are established and implemented.


LMD Leadership Team Assessment – How we collectively Lead People, Manage Process and Drive Results.
Genos Individual Emotional Intelligence 360.


1. Alignment

Facilitate, cohesion, alignment and focus for the Leadership Team.

2. Common Language

Embed a common language that drives improvement and professional respect.

3. Culture

Establish a team culture that is authentic, dynamic and built on honesty and integrity.


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