Building Trust + Psychological Safety

Building Trust + Psychological Safety



The Building Trust Masterclass is a highly interactive one-day workshop for school leaders who want to enhance their leadership capabilities to foster trust, credibility and influence in themselves and their teams within a psychologically safe organisation.

You will discover:

  • How trust affects organisational performance and well-being
  • The key leadership practices that build and sustain trust
  • How to apply neuroscience and emotional intelligence principles to enhance your leadership skills and create a psychologically safe workplace

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Trust is the foundation of effective leadership. It enables leaders to inspire, motivate, and empower others to achieve shared goals and forms the cornerstone of strong relationships, collaboration and a positive workplace culture. Additionally, to work in high performing teams, we not only need to understand the components of trust but also what it takes to build psychological safety so we can get the best thinking out of all of our team members and do our best work.


Participants will engage in a one-day face-to-face workshop where they:

  • Learn from professional articles and research on the importance and benefits of trust in the workplace
  • Engage in discussions and activities to deepen your understanding of trust and psychological safety
  • Explore different ways to interact with your team members to foster trust and collaboration within a psychologically safe environment.


  • Building a Dynamic Leadership Team, Leading with Emotional Intelligence programs.

Coaching is also available.


  • Lisa Newland
  • Neil McDonald


1. Positive and Productive Workplace

Foster collaboration, communication, innovation and engagement among staff and leaders.

2. Improved Collaboration

Enable teams to work together effectively and efficiently to achieve goals and objectives.

3. Staff Engagement

Reduce staff conflict, turnover, stress and uncertainty to drive engagement and innovation.

Coaching Available
Networking Support
Extensive Resources

Member: $550+GST

Non-Member: $575+GST

Per participant
(Group rates available)

“The ability to establish, grow, extend, and restore trust with all stakeholders—customers, business partners, investors, and coworkers—is the key leadership competency of the new global economy.”

Stephen M.R. Covey

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