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Coaching Teams



The Coaching Teams Masterclass is a one-day face-to-face program that focuses on the strategies leaders can use to increase staff engagement in their team and build a positive team culture.

Soft skills such as emotional intelligence, communication and conflict management are highlighted as well as robust processes around meeting protocols, decision-making protocols and establishing trust and psychological safety.

This workshop is designed for Team Leaders, coaches, mentors, HoDs, HoCs, Deputy Principals, and Instructional Leaders.

Coaching Teams is the first workshop of a two-part series.



We are often forced to work in teams, but we do not always work on making the team high performing. There is more to a dynamic team than just getting things done. When we ‘go slow to go fast’ and work on our team fundamentals, we can set ourselves and others up for success.

In the frenetic environment of schools, leaders can feel as if they have limited opportunities to build the capability of their teams. Bringing people together to focus on the most important work may sound easy, but we can feel pressed for time and less effective than we would like. Creating alignment and opportunities to intentionally collaborate to get results is the work of high performing teams, but how do we optimise the time spent working together?


Participants will engage in a one-day program to:

  • Understand the foundations of trust and psychological safety and formulate the strategies to implement with their teams.
  • Build a culture of coaching across their teams.
  • Create an emotionally intelligent team.
  • Develop effective communication strategies.
  • Manage conflict.

Suggested Associated Programs and Assessments:

The LMD (Lead People, Manage Process and Drive Results) Leadership Team Assessment helps teams identify areas of strength and opportunity in their current team function. The comprehensive assessment serves as a starting point to improve your processes to support building capability and capacity across your leadership team.

Following the LMD Assessment, many schools complete the Lead People, Manage Process, Drive Results Team Program and establish their Agreed Ways of Working / Leadership Charter to transform teams from merely functioning to high performing


1. Build Capability

Leverage the existing strengths in your team and focus on how to build the capability and capacity of team members.

2. Formulate Decision-Making Protocols

Develop a plan to co-construct your decision-making processes for your team.

3. Strategic Planning

Develop an Action Plan to drive change.

Interactive program
Strategies + Structures
Templates + Tools
17 November:

Preparation email

28 November:

Face-to-face Workshop


Per participant
(Group rates available)

Registrations close 14th November, 2023

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