Critical Thinking Strategies in the Mathematics Classroom

Critical Thinking Strategies in the Mathematics Classroom



Explore how to cultivate essential 21st-century skills in your students. Critical thinking is widely recognised as a fundamental skill that equips learners for success in the increasingly complex and interconnected world.

During this workshop, we will immerse you in practical, hands-on strategies that you can immediately implement within your classroom and your current curriculum. We will guide you through the use of specific thinking routines that will not only enhance students’ thinking abilities but also extend and support their cognitive development.



One of the main challenges with transforming your mathematics classroom into a hub of intellectual stimulation and critical thinking is to overcome the traditional view of mathematics as a fixed and rigid discipline that only requires memorisation and repetition.

Many students and teachers may have internalised this view and may resist or fear the change to a more dynamic and creative approach. To address this challenge, there is a need to foster a culture of inquiry, exploration and collaboration in the classroom, where students are encouraged to ask questions, make connections, justify their reasoning, and critique the arguments of others. Teachers also need to provide rich and meaningful tasks that engage students in authentic mathematical practices and allow them


This workshop will empower you with a toolkit of effective critical thinking strategies designed specifically for the mathematics classroom. By engaging students in these techniques, you will create a collaborative environment that encourages them to think critically, analyse problems, and construct meaningful mathematical connections.environment that encourages them to think critically, analyse problems, and construct meaningful mathematical connections. By focusing on developing their cognitive abilities, we can help students become independent and confident learners.


  • Dr Liz Irwin


1. Drive Powerful Questioning

Discover how to facilitate deep mathematical understanding through various questioning techniques

2. Foster a Classroom Culture of Thinking

Help students value and develop critical thinking, self-regulation and metacognitive processes.

3. Reflection and Strategic Planning

Reflect on current practices and create a plan for improved critical thinking.

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Non-Member: $575+GST

Per participant
(Group rates available)

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This workshop is part of the Mathematics Series and can be followed with:

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