Low Floor, High Ceiling Problem Solving in Mathematics


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Low Floor, High Ceiling Problem Solving in Mathematics



This one-day workshop will equip you with practical skills and knowledge to design and facilitate engaging problem-solving tasks for your students. You will discover how to use low floor, high ceiling tasks to create inclusive and differentiated learning experiences that cater to a range of abilities and interests.

You will also learn how to support your students to make meaningful mathematical connections and apply their learning to real-world contexts. Through a variety of interactive and hands-on activities, you will gain insights and tips from experts and peers on how to implement problem-solving tasks effectively in your classroom.


Teaching problem solving in mathematics poses many challenges in terms of how to:

  • Select and design meaningful and engaging problems that are appropriate for the students’ level and interests.
  • Scaffold and support students’ problem-solving processes without giving away too much (or too little) information.
  • Assess and provide feedback on students’ problem-solving outcomes and strategies.
  • Establish a positive and collaborative problem-solving culture in the classroom.
  • Integrate problem solving with other mathematical topics and skills


These challenges require teachers to have a deep understanding of mathematics, pedagogy, and their students. They also need to be flexible and adaptive in their teaching practices, and to constantly reflect on and improve their own problem-solving abilities.

This workshop will provide a comprehensive range of strategies and sample problems to deepen the understanding of students at all levels.

  • Discover tasks that develop critical and creative thinking, communication, collaboration and perseverence skills.
  • Leave with a ‘toolbox’ of strategies and tasks to apply immediately.


  • Dr Liz Irwin


1. Differentiate Instruction

Be guided through how to create rigorous, engaging and levelled tasks for your students.

2. Cultivate Students’ Love of Mathematics

Meet them where they are and scaffold incremental improvement to allow them to experience success.

3. Practical Professional Learning

Collaborate and harvest a broad range of go-to strategies applicable in any year level.

Instructional Coaching
Real-world Examples
Toolbox Strategies

Member: $550+GST

Non-Member: $575+GST

Per participant
(Group rates available)

Dates & Venues TBC

This workshop is part of the Mathematics Series and can be followed with the Critical Thinking Strategies in the Mathematics Classroom and Embedding Powerful Number Talks Routines in a Whole School Approach programs.

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