Deputy / Assistant Principals Program


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Deputy / Assistant Principals Program



Deputy Principals / Assistant / Associate Principals lead complex portfolios which require high level relational skills and a sharp focus strategic planning and impact. This leadership program uses the latest evidence on transformational and instructional leadership to empower leaders to build capability and capacity of teachers and middle leaders using the drivers of Lead People, Manage Process, and Drive Results. Leveraging the Genos Emotional Intelligence Leadership 360 Assessment, participants will enhance understandings in how to build authentic relationships and develop leadership practices to foster integrity and ethical decision-making protocols.


Deputy Principals and APs face the many challenges in their role as leaders and educators:

  • Aligning the school community and ensuring that all stakeholders share a common vision, mission and values for the school. They also need to communicate effectively and foster collaboration and trust among different teams.
  • Building capability in other leaders and teachers and supporting the professional learning and growth of their colleagues, especially those who have leadership potential or responsibilities. They need to provide feedback, coaching, mentoring and opportunities for learning and innovation.
  • Maintaining focus on what matters in the multifaceted role of the Deputy / Assistant / Associate Principal and balancing multiple demands and expectations from various sources – curriculum, administration, management, discipline, pastoral care and community engagement.
  • Fostering school environments that enhance staff wellbeing and student learning and creating a positive and supportive culture in the school, where staff and students feel valued, respected and motivated. They need to address issues such as resistance to change, fatigue and low staff morale, and promote wellbeing, resilience and engagement among staff and students.


  • The ACELearn Deputy Principal Program is specifically designed to equip current deputies with the skills further achieve organisational success. With a distinct focus on the direct application of concepts from psychology and educational research, participants will learn how to:
  • Lead a high-performance culture that fosters collective efficacy to achieve goals and overcome challenges leading and cultivating trust, psychological safety and wellbeing among their team members to drive effective collaboration and feedback.
  • Develop your own powerful, aligned mission statement reflecting your clear vision and values.
  • Enhance communication skills and meeting protocols and provide quality and actionable feedback to colleagues in a non-threatening and data-based manner.
  • Encourage innovation and make effective use of Appreciative Inquiry to change attitudes, action and organisational culture.
  • Define, create and action an Individual Plan for Continued Training Transfer back at school,

Participants will also complete a 360-degree GENOS Survey and Leadership Feedback Report, to elicit valuable insights from colleagues regarding strengths and opportunities.


  • Lisa Newland
  • Neil McDonald


1. Improve Engagement

Impact school relationships and interactions with purposeful, confident and emotionally intelligent leadership

2. Develop Trust and Psychological Safety

Grow your leadership capabilities to influence school improvement by creating a positive environment of authentic collaboration and collegial engagement

3. Lead Positive Change

Lead positive change and improvement across teams and the school community

Supportive Networking
Targeted Assessment
Strategies + Tools

Member: $2,125+GST

Non-Member: $2,255+GST

Per participant
(Group rates available)


  • Continued individual leadership coaching with one of our expert coaches from the Edge Institute Coaching Centre.


Welcome + Presentation

  • Welcome & Preparation email with Pre-readings and 360 GENOS details
  • 360-degree GENOS (Leadership Feedback Report) Survey + Report
  • 1 hour remote debrief of 360-degree GENOS Leadership Feedback Report
  • Develop culture and cultural maturity through school priorities and strategic processes
  • Use emotional intelligence to refine communication across the school
  • Drive high levels of staff engagement
  • Develop your own powerful aligned mission statement reflecting clear vision and values
  • Leading Learning – a focus on Instructional Leadership
  • Collegial Engagement Spotlight: Powerful Professional Learning Designs
  • The Art of Feedback – Adult Ways of Knowing
  • Collective Efficacy Leadership Challenge
  • Coaching Teams – increase staff engagement, build capability and drive collaboration
  • Meetings that matter – focusing on what is important
  • Ethical and strategic decision making
  • Appreciative Inquiry
  • The Corporate Athlete – the foundations of High Performing Leaders
  • Leading Innovation – breaking through the compliance barrier
  • Process Improvement Opportunities (Design Thinking)
  • Define your individual plan for continued training transfer


  • Receive Certificate of completion email
  • Records hours completed and AITSL Australian Professional Standards



20th & 21st May
26th & 27th Aug

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23rd & 24th May
8th & 9th Aug

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14th & 15th March
18th & 19th July

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20th & 21st June
15th & 16th Aug

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3rd & 4th June
12th & 13th Sep

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