Dynamic Teacher Rounds – Train the Trainer

Dynamic Teacher Rounds – Train the Trainer



Dynamic Teacher Rounds is a well-recognised professional learning practice in education that promotes peer-to-peer collaborative learning, reflective practice, and the sharing of best teaching strategies. It offers an opportunity for us to observe, reflect, and learn from one another in a psychologically safe environment of trust, support, and respect. With the collective goal of improving student outcomes, Dynamic Teacher Rounds presents an invaluable learning opportunity for professional growth and development of all educators in our schools.

To continue this dynamic process of improvement, schools can enrol in the Train the Trainer program to support the ongoing rigour and sustained success of Dynamic Teacher Rounds by building the capability to conduct the process internally.




  • One of the main challenges to sustaining collective professional growth is the internal capability to consistently drive new professional learning to support a desired change and improvement.
  • Powerful professional learning can sometimes not be harnessed across a school if only a select few experienced the program.
  • Maintaining the rigour and professional standards of Dynamic Teacher Rounds can be difficult without an external provider being embedded in the process continually.


The Dynamic Teacher Rounds (Train the Trainer) Program is a valid and reliable professional learning design comprised of:

  • a) Personal Facilitation Skills
  • b) Dynamic Teacher Rounds Facilitation Skills

This program explicitly ensures support for the development of a professional learning framework, embedding this design – and others – with a sole focus on the refining and crafting of pedagogy.

This program actively supports and challenges participants through engaging them in processes and structures to develop facilitation and coaching skills appropriate for adult learners.


The Art of Instructional Coaching and Coaching Teams program.


1.  Develop Capabilities

Build strong adult learning and facilitation skills to drive engagement with teaching and learning.

2.  Sustainable Success

Train the Trainer ensures that the expertise is embedded within the school, to be deployed in a manner appropriate to your site.

3.  Support Change Management

Develop Teacher Leaders and general staff capability to drive engagement and trust when implementing change.

Experimental Learning
Build Collective Efficacy
Extensive Resources + Strategies


Per school

(Cluster rates available for training days)

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