High Yield Maths Routines

High Yield Maths Routines



Our 1 day High Yield Daily Routines program delves deeply into the key aspects of Number Talks and many other highly effective daily Maths routines to enhance your understanding and implementation.

Explore how to capture, record and follow your students’ thinking, allowing you to gain insights into their mathematical thought processes.

We will emphasise the importance of pressing for conceptual explanations and encourage the development of strong “talk moves” to enrich your students’ mathematical discussions.


Number talks are a powerful instructional strategy for developing students’ mathematical thinking and reasoning skills. However, they are often misunderstood or misused by teachers who do not fully grasp their purpose, structure and benefits. Some common misconceptions about maths routines are:

  • They are just a warm-up activity or a for “for when there is extra time”.
  • They are only about getting the right answer quickly.
  • They are just “one more thing to do” that takes valuable time away from the real learning of Mathematics.

These misconceptions can lead to ineffective implementation of rigorous and rich daily Maths routines, including Number Talks, which can undermine their potential impact on student learning.

Join us to explore how a range of high yield Maths routines go beyond developing mathematical speed and accuracy to extend students’ mathematical thinking, flexibility and fluency.


High yield daily Maths routines are structured activities that develop mathematical concepts and big ideas over time. There is ‘low’ investment of time and planning for a ‘high’ value in returns in terms of students’ Mathematical thinking and understanding. Number talks and other high yield daily routines are not just simple activities, but complex and rich pedagogical practices that require careful planning, facilitation and reflection.

This program is designed to support you in:

  • Understanding the concept and benefits of using a variety of high yield daily routines, including Number Talks.
  • Learning a range of mental computation strategies to underpin the most appropriate recording of students’ thinking.
  • Exploring a range of high yield Maths routines that build the Mathematical proficiencies of every student.


  • Dr Liz Irwin


1. Develop Productive Mathematical Discourse

Develop a set of tools and strategies to make learners’ thinking visible and allow them to demonstrate understanding.

2. Questioning for Understanding

Develop your ‘grab-bag’ of probing questions to guide students beyond the ‘what’ to the ‘how’ and ‘why’.

3. Strategic Planning

Reflect on teaching practices, identify opportunities to implement high yield strategies as daily routines and  plan your whole school focus.

Instructional Coaching
Face-to face programs
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Member: $550+GST

Non-Member: $575+GST

Per participant
(Group rates available)

Dates & Venues TBC


  • This workshop is part of the Mathematics Series and can be followed with: Deepening Understanding with Low Floor, High Ceiling Rich Problem Solving and Critical thinking Strategies in the Mathematics Classroom programs.

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