High Impact Teaching Teams

High Impact Teaching Teams



Participants will delve deeply into transformational coaching through engaging in interactive activities, discussion, and reflective exercises to deepen their understanding and practice of coaching. There will also be the opportunity to reflect on your current processes to identify strengths and opportunities to build a collaborative coaching culture. Build strategies to increase staff engagement and build a positive team culture. Soft skills such as emotional intelligence, communication and conflict management are highlighted as well as robust processes around meeting protocols, decision-making protocols and establishing trust and psychological safety.

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System requirements for ‘Collegial Engagement’ in schools has resulted in some compliance-driven methods of observing teaching and learning in action. Due to time constraints, coaching in schools can be high in intent and low in execution. We need to ask ourselves if the current methods of lesson observation are having an impact on improving instruction – and how? Or are we jumping hoops to fulfil an obligation without necessarily improving pedagogical strategies and impacting positively on learning?

In addition to great practice, there is more to creating a dynamic team than just getting things done. When we ‘go slow to go fast’ and work on our team fundamentals, we can set ourselves and others up for success.

Bringing people together to focus on the most important work may sound easy, but we can feel pressed for time and less effective than we would like. Creating alignment and opportunities to intentionally collaborate to get results is the work of high impact teaching teams.


SOLUTIONS: Participants will engage in a two-day program to:


  • Understand the 3B’s of Instructional Coaching – Beliefs, Behaviours and Ways of Being.
  • Build trust and psychological safety within your coaching program.
  • Develop rigorous processes and templates to support a high-trust coaching program.
  • Use powerful questioning and active listening in coaching conversations.
  • Conduct low-inference observations and provide constructive feedback.
  • Support teachers in setting goals and reflecting on their practice.


  • Understand the foundations of trust and psychological safety and formulate the strategies to implement with their teams.
  • Build a culture of coaching across their teams.
  • Create an emotionally intelligent team.
  • Develop effective communication strategies.
  • Manage conflict.


  • Dr Liz Irwin


1. Build Capability

Leverage the existing strengths in your team and focus on how to build the capability and capacity of team members.

2. Co-construct a coaching vision

Consider how your current approach is going to have a positive impact on improving instruction.

3. Formulate decision-making protocols

Develop a plan to co-construct your decision-making processes for your team.

4. Build confidence

In your communication skills of listening, speaking, and questioning.

Member: $1,100+GST

Non-Member: $1,175+GST

Per participant
(Group rates available)


Take you Collegial Engagement Process to another level with Dynamic Teacher Rounds. Analyse data to define a problem of practice, create a collaborative, trusting culture in cohorts of teachers and observe each other’s practice, not from an evaluative stance, but by focusing on reflection and a commitment to try new strategies, reporting back to your team with wins and deeper analysis of pedagogical strategies that work. Dynamic Teacher Rounds has become the signature professional learning practice for many schools that have completed the program.

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