Positive School Culture

Positive School Culture



The Positive School Culture Masterclass is a one-day face-to-face workshop designed to unpack the fundamental principles that underpin the building of a positive school culture to increase staff and student engagement and move beyond compliance.

This program focuses on ‘how’ to do ‘the what’ using evidence based models and provides recommendations, enhancements and strategies to drive your improvement agenda and build a  transformational, dynamic culture.


The Positive School Culture Masterclass will broaden your understanding of and enable you to tackle the elements of school improvement that can be most challenging:

  • Establishing clarity around a working and contemporary definition of School Culture
  • Building a culture focused on continuous improvement
  • Understanding and conveying the key features of a positive School Culture
  • Accessing evidence-based methodologies that support strong positive school cultural practices


Participants will engage in a one-day workshop to broaden their understanding and enable them to:

  • Define School Culture and Cultural Maturity.
  • Unpack, plan and implement a Strategic Plan focusing on  school improvement priorities including Collegial Engagement, Coaching and Mentoring, Feedback, Pedagogy Approach, Professional Learning, Wellbeing, Change, Team Processes, Quality Assurance, Authenticity and Agility.
  • Strategically build and lead a High Performing Culture.


  • Lisa Newland
  • Neil McDonald

Suggested Associated Programs and Assessments:

To achieve an accurate perception of your school’s culture, complete the online Culture Maturity Assessment and combine it with the Onsite Culture Evaluation for a comprehensive report on your current context. Remote Coaching is also available to support frontline leaders.


1. Common Understanding

Build a dynamic culture based on tangible work-related focus areas.

2. Align Priorities

Identify next steps and address opportunity areas to increase staff engagement.

3. Strategic Planning

Develop a comprehensive Culture Building Plan.

Remote coaching
Face-to-face programs
Extensive resources

Member: $550+GST

Non-Member: $575+GST

Per participant
(Group rates available)

“This program has highlighted for me how we all contribute to culture – starting with our own attitudes, and then how we collectively work together. I really like the Cultural Maturity Model – it makes so much sense and gives you a framework to approach our school priorities.”

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