Teach Like a Champion©

Teach Like a Champion©



Edge Institute is proud to support teachers and leaders with a Teach Like a Champion© face-to-face 1-day program.

This workshop focuses on the techniques that champion teachers use to instantly bring accountability to the classroom.

Upon completing this program, you will be equipped to return to your school and implement Teach Like a Champion© in your classroom and have the materials to train others in the TLAC techniques.


There are many reasons why students may avoid active participation in the classroom.  Often students want to offer up answers in class but they are reluctant to for a number of reasons:  they are reluctant to take ‘intellectual risks’; they prefer to ‘opt out’ when they are unsure or uncomfortable; they are unwilling to answer questions or engage in discussions due to fear of being wrong (or right) too often; perfectionism or a lack of confidence.

Additionally, how do you determine the collective thinking and learning of an entire class when some students rarely respond?


Effective teachers make students feel safe and successful even as they require them to be accountable and attentive. Teach Like a Champion© provides educators with a set of techniques, a shared vocabulary, and a framework for practice that equip teachers to achieve dramatic results with their students. These interconnected techniques promote equity and social justice and connect to insights in cognitive science.

The social nature of learning is very much recognised and embedded in TLAC techniques and the program aims to deliberately design classrooms to ensure the most supportive culture for young people.

There are few techniques that can transform a learning environment for the better as quickly as Cold Call. In addition to learning this technique in detail with video demonstrations and practice sessions, many other techniques are explored and connected to pedagogical practice based on the work of John Hattie and Dylan Wiliam.


  • Our Mathematics Series of Masterclasses.
  • Beginning and Early Career Teachers program.


1. Skill Development

Develop an understanding of the Teach Like a Champion© techniques and practise them in a safe environment.

2. Implementation Planning

Receive resources and support to develop a classroom, team and school plan for implementing the Teach Like a Champion    techniques.

3. Train Others

The program prepares teachers, leaders and school leadership teams to deliver Teach Like a Champion© training in their school context.

Interactive Workshop Train Others
Extensive Resources

Member: $550+GST

Non-Member: $575+GST

Per participant
(Group rates available)

+ 1 x Plug n Play Licence $825.00

* Teach Like a Champion: Cold Call Plug n Play Licence:

Each school that has not already purchased the Teach Like a Champion Cold Call Plug n Play licence will need to purchase this at the cost of $825.00, on top of the registration cost. This will be invoiced to the assigned participant for the school (each school only requires 1 licence for multiple participants). Please note that schools will require this licence in order for staff to participate in this workshop.  Schools who already have this licence are not required to purchase it again.

“I’m excited about the changes these techniques brought to my classroom! This is what you’ve been looking for if you want practical and SPECIFIC things to actually do in your class.”

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